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DorAid America is a Christian relief and development organization, committed to fulfill the command Jesus Christ gave to His followers to take care of the poor and the oppressed.

DorAid helps needy elderly, poor children and impoverished families through its sponsorship program. Adopt a Granny In Easter..
Together We Made a Difference  Seven volunteers from the United States and two volunteers from Armenia made all the differen..

Together let us make a difference in the lives of teenage girls in Egypt. Please read on to learn more and to make a contribu..
Anti Hunger Corps Is a special program which provides meals to starving people around the world. In 2009 a record number of ..
Is to give food to the hungry,  water to the thirsty, welcome a stranger, clothe the naked, and care for the sick and the oppressed. We do this to the least of our brothers and we do it for Jesus. We simply follow His command (Matt. 25:31-46). We do this for all races, religion ..
DorAid America provides aid through local churches and partner organizations. The assistance given varies according to circumstances and the specific needs of the area as follows: Social projects – DorAid extends a helping hand to those that are poor and vulnerable providin ..
DorAid America strives to create a world without poverty and injustice where people enjoy God’s love and live in peace with dignity. It is possible with your help! You can partner with us in this unique mission. You can find a project that you believe is essential to enhance th ..

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